Amaze World

Amaze World – A Magical Land

Welcome to Amaze World, the magical land that lies in the heart of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. It is a place of beauty and wonder, where mystery and enchantment await near Palmview Queensland Australia.

Amaze World is home to many incredible creatures and characters, but none more mysterious than its resident forest trickster. This mischievous spirit loves to surprise unsuspecting wanderers with perplexing riddles and conundrums, making them guess as he guides them through his world.

Amidst Amaze World’s lush rainforest landscape are many hidden surprises. For instance, it houses a diverse array of local wildlife including koalas, wallabies, possums, platypuses, echidnas and even the elusive bandicoot. There are also plenty of birds chirping away in the treetops – red-browed finches and king parrots can often be heard in the area.

But what truly sets Amaze World apart from other areas of natural beauty is its network of walking trails that meander deep into its secret recesses. These paths will take you through some stunning landscapes with breathtaking views over the nearby lakes and valleys. You might even spot a few of the local kangaroos along the way! If you get really lucky you might even come across one of those tricky forest tricksters looking for an unsuspecting victim to challenge with his puzzles!


Beyond these trails lies a vast network of creeks and billabongs – perfect for swimming or fishing on hot summer days. The waters here are teeming with life – frogs croaking in chorus, turtles lazing around on lily pads on still waters, rainbow trout leaping out from beneath reeds…it’s no wonder people flock here from all corners of Australia to experience this paradise firsthand!

The secret garden in Amaze World is an absolute must-see too – it’s full of vibrant colours and fragrances that simply have to be experienced first-hand. Here you can find hundreds of species of native plants which attract countless varieties of butterflies and hummingbirds – truly a sight to behold!

At night time is when things get extra special at Amaze World – fireflies light up the night sky with their dazzling displays while owls hoot melodiously from afar; it’s an unforgettable spectacle! An evening spent amongst friends or family under starlight makes for an unforgettable memory at this most enchanting destination.  Why not pop in to Strawberry Fields when your in the area and feast on some delicious strawberries and ice cream for your enjoyment.

So if you’re ever feeling like taking a break from everyday life and heading somewhere truly special then look no further than Amaze World – your ultimate escape into a world full of mystery and wonders!