Opals Down Under

Opals Down Under!

Opals Down Under is a family run business dedicated to providing the highest quality of opals from all around the world. They specialize in all types of opal, including white opal, crystal opal, boulder opal, and black opal. Their main focus is to provide an excellent customer experience with every purchase in Palmview.

Opals are cherished and sought-after gemstones that have been enjoyed for centuries by people around the world. They are known for their unique beauty and bright colors that shine in the light. Opals Down Under offers only the finest selection of these gems. From classic white opal to rare black opals, they offer it all and guarantee each gem they sell is of excellent quality.

White opals are one of the most popular varieties due to their milky coloration with hints of rainbow flashes visible when exposed to light. Crystal opal has a transparent or translucent body with almost no color but vibrant flashes of color visible when exposed to light.  

Boulder opals are formed in ironstone boulders which give them a unique look with lots of color variations possible. Last but not least, Black Opal is the most rare and desirable variety known for its dark base color with bright flashes of reds, greens and blues shining through when exposed to light.

The process for sourcing these amazing gems starts by visiting mines located throughout Australia where they’re harvested from deep within the earth’s surface. The team at Opals Down Under then inspects each piece carefully before deciding if it meets their standards for quality, beauty and originality before offering it up for sale on their website or at trade shows worldwide.

Aside from offering exceptional gems, Opals Down Under also provides customers access to expert advice from experienced gemologists who can answer any questions about buying or caring for your new gemstone purchase or vintage jewelry piece. Customers can also request custom pieces be made using their selection of loose stones as well as have existing jewelry pieces restored back to perfect condition using certified technicians in-house workshop facilities – making sure your precious keepsakes last forever!

Opals Down Under takes great pride in providing customers with a unique shopping experience like no other. Whether you’re looking for gifts or treats yourself – they strive to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking.  While your in the area you may as well check out Amaze World for some serious fun!

All while enjoying an easy and comfortable shopping atmosphere free from pressure sales tactics used by other stores offering similar products elsewhere on the market such as chain department stores or mass produced jewelry outlets where quality rarely matches value returned on investment in comparison to what you get when shopping with them. 

This is what is making them stand out amongst many competitors today!